Group Pollicy

Bin Halim Group deals with it's distributors as partners rather than as distributors, this attitude has positive impacts for the consolidation of the relationship and reap fruitful results in the long run.

Also, product quality and competitive pricing has been the biggest concern of the group since the beginning, the group thinks carefully and considers all aspects of the product before sending it to the market.

In order to preserve its reputation and the reputation of its partners, Bin Halim Group follows up the product starting from the selling points until its arrival at the market and its presentation.

Bin Halim Group knows well that any successful activity needs to have strong and solid foundations, and looks at the relationship with its customers as the most important foundations.

Therefore, the group does not skimp on any features or services such as advertising, special offers, powers of paying, free transportation service, and supports with persons that their mission is to seal the products on the shelves etc...

Also, one of these foundations is the policy of standardization of prices at all areas of Libya, so that all areas have a flat rate for all products in all point of sale which ensures delivering the product to the consumer for the specific price.